Ciara VS Future!

A few days ago, it was publicly announced that Ciara is suing her ex fiance, Future for $15 million dollars due to allege defamation of character and slander.

The lawsuits documents evidence Ciara has,  detailing Future twitter rants and interviews of him speaking negatively about her current relationship with NFL player, Russell Wilson, child support payments he claims he’s providing including being denied visitation rights to see their son.


Future posted several tweets about the status of his relationship with his ex, Ciara on Twitter on Jan. 4, 2016.

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There hasn’t been much from Ciara said of their drama, but apparently she’s been keeping tabs on him because she has a long lists of receipts against Future. The singer went on to say that her career has suffered due to him speaking so negatively about her.

According to TMZ, Future think the lawsuit is a joke saying she is just as guilty as him for public slander by talking about him in her song, I Bet. Future is considering a lawsuit of his own against Ciaraand is consulting with his team.

In all honesty, the downward spiral of Ciara’s career; in my opinion has nothing to do with Future.

If Ciara feels her career is downward spiral, she should consult with her management team instead of blaming her baby father…. just saying.


  • Imari W