Ciara Loses BIG In Custody Battle With Future!

Since the moment they broke up, Ciara and Future have been going back and forth for custody over Baby Future.

According to TMZ, Ciara asked for sole custody of their one year old son claiming Future is a terrible parent and is not involved in the child’s life. Furthermore, Ciara and her lawyers trashed talked him BADLY to the judge

Future denied the claims and asked for joint custody, which the judge honored in his favor.

Even though Future won this victory, the $15 million defamation suit she filed against him is still going on.

I never understood why women keep kids away from their father if they are not together. If a man wants to be involved in their child’s life, and they lifestyle is not putting the kid life in danger, LET HIM BE A PARENT!

At the end of the day, Russell Wilson is not her son father and should not be a substitute for one.

What are your thoughts on the Ciara and Future custody battle?

  • Imari W
  • IG: iam_imari88