Choppa Zoe “Ok Ok” Out On Tidal!

Congratulations to Money and Violence, “Mr. Call Me Choppa” on having is hit single “Ok Ok” released onto Tidal this week.

When someone thinks Palm Beach, visions of sunshine,palm trees and good weather comes to mind. However,along with that, comes the harsh reality of crime,drugs and poverty. All of this reflected in the music of Hip-Hop Artist, Choppa Zoe.

Growing up in the streets of Palm Beach. Choppa Zoe learned at an early age to adapt
to a rapidly changing scenery. Thinking quick on his feet is something he always had to do.

Choppa Zoe represents southern hip-hop in it purest form. His delivery, cadence and lyrics
quickly caught the attention of local neighborhood dj’s. and upcoming artists. Furthermore, Choppa Zoe has also earned the respect and loyalty of the haitian community by keeping haitian pride alive in his lyrics.

In 2005, his father unfortunately passed away. However in that passing, it lead to the discovery of brother he never knew he had in New York. Call it coincidence or fate, his brother Big Vegaz , actually was a producer with a professional recording studio in NY. After a few phone calls and visits, his older brother also discovered his talents and suggested he move to New York to take it to another level. Although the offer seem great, leaving palm beach meant leaving family,friends and unfinished business. After watching his peers falling victim to senseless murder and jail sentences, Choppa Zoe decided it was time for a change in environment.In 2007, He and his twin brother took the 18 hour drive in their pick-up truck to New York City. Where their older brother met them with open arms.

Wasting no time Choppa Zoe quickly adapted to the fast-paced environment of New York City.
Got established with a place to live and made ends meets from hard labor. In 2009, Choppa Zoe
dropped his first mixtape Swagga Thru da Roof. The mixtape was received well in both New York and Palm Beach. He followed up with a second mixtape Next on Deck in 2010. Both mixtapes solidified Choppa Zoe’s status as an artist than deliver street-club anthems and radio friendly material.
Choppa Zoe is currently in the studio working on his debut album and his third mixtape Next on Deck 2.0. which is scheduled to to drop this early this summer.

Source for bio: Reverb Natiom

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