Celebrities And Taxes

Anyone who pays taxes, which ought to be pretty much everyone, knows how annoying it is. You get your check and those deductions hit you hard. You file when the time comes and you feel like you never get what you should. WELLLLL, it seems like us “regular” individuals aren’t the only ones who go through the struggle. Singer Trey Songs just paid $750,000 in back taxes and sources say on October 28th he became debt free. Well GOD damn. I wish I had that in my bank account right now to just pay s*** off! This all plied up on him because it was put out there that Trey didn’t pay his taxes in 2013; $750,000 was the total income for that year. They say that most people in the music industry take much longer to pay the IRS anything owed. On that note, I applaud Trey for taking care of business. Yes Trey, show em’ how it’s done!

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