Cam’ron & Karen Civil

Just yesterday (Feb. 23), Cam’ron decided to make Karen Civil his target. He doesn’t mind putting people on blast at all.

Civil was a guest on a podcast where she told a story that starting off by saying that a while back Jay-Z found out that Cam’ron was the person who stole his parking spot, and closed with Dipset being kicked out of the Def Jam building because of it.

Once Cam heard about it, he posted this on his social media:

“I haven’t went in on Karen ever and been proud of what she’s accomplished.. Even if she’s lied and stole to get there.. But u not gonna put me in ya bullshit.” “Despite what people think Jay-Z and I were not enemies.. He signed off on mad projects we did.. When he didn’t have too.. And showed my crew love.. It wasn’t till I Left DefJam (not kicked out) till we fell out..and I still respect his hustle and business savvy.” “This story Karen is telling is just another one of her lies..she stole 60k from my cousin @darealdukedagod (and we still have all the bank statements if u wanna Pursue this KAREN) and has yet to pay him back.. And it’s my money as well cause it was from my company.. I don’t want or need ya money.. But u should have payed duke back by now.. But since u wanna lie.. I pull everything out.. And put u on blast!! Stop lying and stealing.”

According to Cam, L.A. Reid was in charge during the time he left and decided to take an opportunity with Warner Bros.

I hope they get this figured out. No drama is good drama.

The Karen Civil Episode.


Shantaye B. 

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