Boosie is not Here for the GAYS!

Today, hip hop rapper, Boosie Badass expressed his dislike of the homophobic content shown on television via his instagram page (officalboosieig).
In today’s society, homosexuality is becoming more accepting in entertainment, education, religion, and many other outlets.
Even though everyone is still not welcoming towards homosexuality, I personally think the rapper should not have gone on a rant via social media to show his prejudice of the entire LGBT community.
Children are impressionable at a very young age and in general should not be shown any adult content, regardless of what it is.
Nevertheless, children are involved in adult conversations and have unsupervised access to adult shows.
Growing up, my mother was very hands on with what I watched on television. Somewhere down the line, this has changed within people’s household.
In any case, I’m sure the LGBT community will have a field day on his page.
– Imari W

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