Bobby “Free Man” Shmurda

Everyone knows about the shmoney dance. The song “Hot Boy” was good but that dance had the crowd going for at least a year straight. Shoot! It still has people going in when it comes on. I just want to know if Bobby Shmurda going to get back into music when he is free. That’s right! The Brooklyn rapper will supposedly be released from jail as early as Thursday, according to TMZ. Bobby has been having trouble making his $2 million bail and rumor has it that his aunt put real estate properties up for sales in order to help make the collateral.

Back in December, the rapper along side other members of his GS9 Squad were arrested on charges including reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and conspiracy counts.

Some people may want him to stay right where he is to kinda keep the streets safe. Others want him back in the studio making those hits. Let’s see what happens and what he does when he becomes a free man!

Blogged By: Shantaye Bailey

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