Black Female Cadets Being Investigated For Holding Up Black Power Salute

I swear no other race gets ridicule harder than African-Americans, smh.

Sixteen out of the seventeen African-American female cadets who graduated from the United States military academy in West Point, Virginia are being investigated for taking a picture in full dressed uniform for holding up the black power sign.

Apparently, the pose “violates military restrictions on political expressions.”

According to West Point’s chairwoman of the Board of Visitors, Brenda Sue Fulton; it is tradition for cadets taking “Old Corps” photographs where “different teams and groups get together on their own to mimic the high-collar, ultra-serious, photos of 19th century cadets.”

The women took several photos that day, but this one in particular went viral after John Burk, a white army veteran accused them of being associated with the Black Lives Matter movement and condoning the deaths of police officers.

Since when being associated with the Black Lives Matter movement is a bad thing?

Burk never spoken to either of these women before he went online to slander them to various media outlets. Furthermore, the women in question never said anything negative against the Black Lives Matter movement or police officers.

Looking at this photo, I see a group of beautiful women standing strong together in exercising their freedom of expression. At the end of the day, the ladies was simply paying homage to their culture.

Let us be honest here, women have had it hard for years, especially black women when it comes to lack of equality in employment, education, and justice. Instead of trying to break them down for embracing their culture, they should be congratulated for their success in graduating.

I guess black women voices don’t matter anymore.

The controversy surrounding these women is ridiculous. People, simple fear what they don’t understand and cannot control.

What are your thoughts on this?

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