Black America Is Over Stacey Dash!

Every time Stacey Dash does an interview, she gets dragged for filth by Black America.

Apparently, her old boyfriend Ryan Prophet is not here for her antics either.

Dash, recently done an interview and was asked her opinion on boycotting the Oscars.

Like her true, typical Clueless self, Dash said we should get rid of the BET awards, BET network, and Black History Month.

I personally believe the Oscars issues is juvenile compared to more important issues and causes we can be boycotting for the black community.

Truthfully, Dash is a walking contradiction since the only people that have been supporting her career are African- Americans. This woman has been featured in numerous urban magazines, music videos, movies, etc for over twenty decades.

Please tell me what White America have done for her to praise them so heavily?

  • Imari W

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