Birdman VS The Breakfast Club

Cash Money CEO and rapper Birdman was on a mission when he came to The Breakfast Club for an interview that went down hill REAL QUICK!

I think the interview lasted no more than 5 minutes.

Birdman basically came to The Breakfast Club yesterday to let Angela Yaye, DJ Envy and mainly Charlamagne tha God to stop speaking negatively about him or else. He didn’t define what the “else” means, but we all know it refers to a physical threat.

Birdman claims he was going to handle them in the streets,but decided to handle the situation face-to-face.

Basically, Birdman is pissed that The Breakfast Club made jokes about him kissing and not paying his artists, such as Lil Wayne. Truthfully, his anger and resentment was mainly directed to Charlamagne.

Charlamagne, being the outspoken radio host asked Birdman if he pressed Rick Ross and Trick Daddy with idle threats the way he did them.

Birdman, got in his feelings and abruptly left the interview in a tantrum with his entourage.

As obnoxious as Charlamagne is, I think he did nothing wrong in calling Birdman out in trying to intimidate them when he did not pull the same tactics with other gangster rappers he had beef  with.

Click link to listen to full interview:

Do you think Birdman overreacted, was his approached justify?

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