Birdman Bisexual Post and Delete?

I always wonder why celebrities post things on their Instagram pages and then delete it within a matter of minutes, as if they had some type of epiphany.

Shortly after the Breakfast Club drama, Birdman posted on his instagram of him speaking out on the bisexual allegations that were said by the Breakfast Club.

Birdman agreed to the allegations, “I happen to be BISEXUAL!!! Aint running from it! Just who I AM u dig! Aint shit changed tho! STILL GONE GET THIS MONEY, cuz the HUSTLE DONT STOP.




Photo credit: HollywoodUnlocked

Apparently, a few people including The Game’s manager Wack 100 are  the only one who caught the tea, since he reposted  what Birdman said.

Wack, thinks this is Birdman way of coming out of the closet finally and says he respeck him for being honest, if his page wasn’t hacked.

Birdman have yet to speak on the recent post and delete of his sexuality.

Hey, if Birdman likes to get his salad toss by MEN and women, then so be it. I’m sure the world can respeck it more if he’s not deceiving people.

Do you think his page was hacked or Birdman is finally coming out the closet ?

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