Beyonce: Lemonade Debut

A few weeks ago, Beyonce released a short trailer of Lemonade without sharing much details of what it mean.

Tonight, Lemonade debut exclusively on Tidal and an HBO special was released for it tonight, and it was AMAZING!

This is Beyonce sixth solo record and her second visual album since she dropped her surprised Beyonce record in 2013.

Lemonade consists of 12 songs with features from The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar and more.

I personally feel the concept of the Lemonade special will go over a lot of people heads. Majority of people, will think the singer is calling Jay Z out for infidelity.

Personally I think the concept of Lemonade goes deeper than infidelity and thought it was beautifully done; with the her speaking on women empowerment, feminism and the strength of black women when it comes to relationships and equality.

Beyonce is again letting ladies know, despite what a woman goes through in life, she will always remain strong and victorious. After all, most men fear what they don’t understand and cannot intimidate.

The special also showed exclusive moments between her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.

One thing I loved most about the special was that it was directed and executive produce by Beyonce which shows how hands-on she is with her projects.

I’m sure another album is in the works for Beyonce, she is one of the hardest working women.

What are your thoughts on the Lemonade special?

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