Beyonce: Formation and #Superbowl2016!

I think it was very classy for Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars to let the Broncos and Panthers play at their mini concert lol.

In all seriousness; the performance was phenomenal. Each of the artists performed well and it was highly entertaining; I didn’t even know Bruno Mars can dance that well.

Of course the highlight of the night was Beyonce much anticipated performance of “Formation.” Yesterday, she broke the internet with her new record addressing the negative remarks people have said about Blue Ivy hair,  her “Illuminati” affiliation and many other rumors about her personal life.

As a fan, I always respected how low key Beyonce is about her life. She only address rumors through her music and keeps it moving.

Some people feel the record is a #blacklivesmatter anthem, which I strongly disagree about. As dope as the song is, the lyrics doesn’t scream Black Power.

Formation, is basically about Beyonce being unapologetic about whom she is as a black mother, daughter, wife and artist.

Shortly after the performance, Beyonce announced she will be having “The Formation World Tour.” Tickets will go on sale this week.

  • Imari W

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