Ayesha Curry is a Class Act!

Ayesha Curry, wife of Warriors basketball player Stephen Curry, caused quite a frenzy on social media when she shared her opinion on the latest women’s fashion trends. Curry, made it perfectly clear that she is not impressed with the plunging necklines, crop tops and short dresses that most women wear nowadays.

Ironically, the majority of the hate came from women who are dragging Curry name through the dirt for expressing herself. Some even went as far to post pics of her in more “provocative” clothing insinuating that she’s a hypocrite and contradicting herself.

Celebrities such as Khole Kardashain, Charlemagne the God and Lil Duval expressed their support of Curry comments via social media.

I don’t understand how video vixens get praised for wearing little to no clothing on and off-screen, but Ayesha Curry received hate for telling women to take more pride in their appearance.

As a woman, I took no offense to what Curry said, especially since I think her statement came from a genuine place. Furthermore, the so-called “provocative” pics circulating over the internet is far from provoking. Curry, has always been a virtuous woman in staying true to her faith, morals, and values without comprising who she is. A true woman who stands for something, speak volumes about her character, which is one of the things I always admired about Curry.

Do you think Curry was justified for expressing her distaste for most women clothing choices or should have mind her business?
– Imari W

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