Ashanti Stalker Reads Sexual Texts To Her!

Ashanti deranged stalker Devar Hurd question her about sexual text messages and lap dance in court this week.

Hurd was first convicted in 2009 for stalking Ashanti when he was found guilty for masturbating to pictures of her mother.

Now back in court, acting as his own attorney, Hurd questions Ashanti for a third time on sexual text messages he sent her:





Hurd asked Ashanti if she saw his sexually explicated tweets.

“I saw the disgusting tweet and was insulted.” Ashanti responded.

Hurd went on to further question Ashanti about her “provocative” concerts and lap dances she gives male fans on stage.

You do lap dances at your performances, correct?” Hurd asked her, he went on further to say,”I don’t have a problem with that, I’m just saying.”

According to TMZ, Ashanti was very uncomfortable during the questioning.

If convicted, Hurd can face up to 4 years.

Do you think that’s enough time to give a stalker who shows potential of committing sexually assault?

  • Imari W
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