A$AP Rocky Was Attacked In Elevator

According to sources, A$AP Rocky was reportedly jumped by 3 men in his hotel elevator in New Zealand.

Sources say that Rocky and some girls were getting on the elevator when the 3 guys tried entering as well. Rocky didn’t see that happening and told them to beat it. That resulted in the guys jumping him. TMZ reported that Rocky was trying his best to protect the females  while all of this went down.

Witnesses say the guys definitely knew who Rocky was because as they were punching him in his head and face they yelled, “Fuck A$AP.”

Hotel security broke up the fight until the cops got there and was able to  arrest one suspect, a 35-year-old who was booked for assault and resisting police.

Rocky’s injuries haven’t been said to be severe as he is still scheduled to perform Thursday night in Auckland.

Source: TMZ

Shantaye B. 

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